Our Clients

Liquor License Sales PA-NJ is dedicated to finding buyers and sellers of liquor licenses in Eastern/Central Pennsylvania and all of New Jersey. Our team of qualified specialists focuses exclusively on liquor license sales so you can be sure you will receive the best possible service available to you at the best price. We also understand that many of our clients are not familiar with the process of purchasing liquor licenses and the knowledge and research involved in doing so. That is why our team is here to assist you through the complete process of locating, negotiating, and finally obtaining a liquor license.

Liquor License PA-NJ represents a wide range of alcoholic beverage licensees in all segments of the industry from national restaurant chains, looking in different areas, to expand their business to individuals that may be looking to fulfill their dreams of owning a bar, restaurant, pizzeria, or other business requiring a liquor license.

We take pride in the personal approach we give to each and every client and you can be assured that we will be there every step of the way to assist you. Commitment to the highest level of service is of the upmost importance to us. Whether you are a potential buyer or seller, our team of professionals is committed to finding you the right license to meet your needs.

We are unique in finding liquor licenses than most other sales teams. We do not only rely on inactive, pocket/safekeeping license lists but we contact all licensees face to face. This enables us to know the entire market, not only the inactive market; to be sure we have contacted all potential buyers and sellers.
New Jersey liquor license and Pennsylvania liquor license are our expertise but the doesn’t mean we will not help you sell or buy a liquor licenses in other states.

Liquor License in PA and Liquor License in NJ are our expertise and we will do everything we can to get the best deal for you. The process for Liquor License in PA and Liquor License in NJ are totally different steps and we can walk you through these steps so that you have a total understanding what happens. Whether you are selling a Liquor License in PA or Liquor License in NJ or looking to buy a Liquor License in PA or Liquor License in NJ we make that experience a pleasant one.

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